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  1. Swimming: A person of the crew may hand food and beverages to the swimmer in the course of the swimming. This is only allowed from the opposite side and not where the officials count lanes and measure the time. Only the officials have the authority to announce when the swimming is over.
  2. Bike course: Escort vehicles on the cycling track are forbidden. The escort crew is only allowed to give food, beverages, clothing and replacement parts on the side of the bike track. That also applies when a participant needs help with repairing his or her bike. Service and control teams supervise everything and help in case of a breakdown/accident on track. Each participant has to provide sufficient light on the bike as well as on the clothing! Please remember to bring batteries and replacement lights! The traffic regulations must be observed! It is mandatory to wear a security helmet! The race number must be worn on the participant’s back. Limit for the cycle race ist Saturday, 9AM for Double and 5PM for Triple. After this you can be taken out of the race. At race center tents you can have massages and medical aid at any time. Checkpoints: It is up to the participant to inform the officials as soon as he or she has passed the checkpoint. The race number must be worn clearly visible at the back. Checkpoints are located at the race center as well as at the turning point in Nienrade. Official teams will make sure that the participants stick to the rules while they are riding their bikes. It is permitted to accompany the participants of the Triple by bike as from Saturday, 12.00 hrs. Cycling in the slipstream of another athlete (drafting) is strictly forbidden (stop-and-go-rule).
  3. Running: Your crew is allowed to give you food, drinks and clothes at your crew station/tent. The running track is completely illuminated during the night. It is your duty to wear appropriate clothing at night. Please wear reflective clothing. The start number must be clearly visible. You may run or walk but you are not allowed to take advantage of any other kind of aid. You have to finish the competition on your own ability. Please note that you are to be registered at the checkpoints (central office) by the officials.
  4. If necessary, the crew of physicians/contest organization is going to intervene and will take you out of the competition. You may get massages and medical aid in the central office any time you want.
  5. You can interrupt the race whenever and wherever you like but you have to start again from this point in any case. If you interrupt the race for more than 20 minutes or finally stop the race please inform the race center! If you do not inform the race center this can lead to disqualification.
  6. It is every participant’s duty to become familiar with the regulations and courses of the race before the competition starts. Complaints will not be accepted afterwards. Each athlete who did not inform himself/herself is responsible for a possible disqualification. In case of a violation against the rules it is up to the competition lead to come to an appropriate decision. In that case this decision is binding.
  7. Protection and safekeeping of your bicycle: You or your crew is responsible for the protection and the equipment of your bike. We do not assume any liability for neither a possible damage nor a loss of any of your material. Transition zone from swimming to bike is located at the swimming pool.
  8. Starting is not possible if the athlete does not hand in the waiver and the medical certificate.
  9. The promoter reserves the right to take a doping test.
  10. The promoter reserves the right to modify the rules.

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